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Recent Studies
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  • Created advertising repositioning for an international insurance company.
  • Uncovered international business executives' needs for advisory services for a global management consulting company.
  • Identified consumer-driven architectural design needs for a city-wide public/private housing initiative.
  • Assessed consumer acceptance of OCR scanned checks as a replacement for cancelled paper checks and identified information enhancements for monthly banking statements.
  • Discovered emerging trends among consumers and business executives and related unmet needs for banking and other financial services.
  • Refined new product concepts for a major insurer.
  • Identified opportunities for new financial services among small business owners for a Big 5 accounting and consulting firm.
  • Discovered unmet banking and financial services needs among low to moderate income urban consumers.

  • Explored user needs and detailed software requirements for CD-based information storage, retrieval and communication in banking, health care, legal and governmental environments.
  • Refined and enhanced airline reservations system software for a major airline.
  • Identified features to enhance the usability of bank ATMs.
  • Refined home banking software for a leading retail bank.
  • Generated Website ideas and evaluated strength of consumers' Web-based information needs for a major telecommunications company.
  • Examined consumer reaction to a biometric personal identification technology. Determined how to best position marketing communications promoting the technology.
  • Refined navigational elements for a dedicated home banking computer.
  • Assessed navigational issues and consumer acceptance of an advanced ATM designed for retail and convenience stores.
  • Identified consumer usage patterns for mobile phone features and identified key needed features.

  • Developed promotions, direct marketing strategies and TV advertising for a major men's magazine.
  • Detailed changing demographics, lifestyles and editorial needs for a major women's consumer magazine.
  • Uncovered motivations for textbook choice among medical students and developed editorial enhancements and new marketing strategies.
  • Identified technology buyers' usage of print and online product information and developed strategies for improved print and online editorial content.
  • Uncovered reader information needs for a business-to-business publication. Developed strategies for improving content and graphics for the publication's print and electronic formats.

  • Refined advertising concepts for a luxury automobile manufacturer.
  • Strengthened branding and relevant product attributes and benefits for a condom manufacturer.
  • Developed product refinements and branding directions for designer-brand fragrances.
  • Built an image campaign for bourbon liquor.
  • Evaluated brand equity and recommended repositioning ideas for cold and sore throat remedies.
  • Developed brand positioning for premium meat products.
  • Branded and positioned a new yogurt brand.
  • Developed a premium incentive program for long distance telephone users.
  • Evaluated retail mobile phone store design concepts and developed a refined store design based on consumer insights.

  • Uncovered behavioral patterns and perceptions of benefits that resulted in the reformulation and positioning of a new shower-cleaning product.
  • Discovered behavioral patterns during bathing and showering and unmet needs for improved product design of bath and shower fixtures.
  • Identified behavioral segments, line extensions, new product needs, packaging and branding enhancements in the home cleaning category - US and internationally.
  • Generated consumer insights, line extensions, new product needs, packaging and branding enhancements in the laundry category - US and internationally.

  • Refined advertising campaign concepts for condoms among gay and heterosexual men.
  • Identified relevant communications strategies for a group health insurance program for the elderly.
  • Uncovered emerging health care concerns among mass market life stage segments for an international pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Developed an advertising and communications plan targeted to physicians and patients for Hepatitis B vaccines.
  • Generated product development directions for non-prescription antibiotic cream.
  • Identified over-the-counter branding, packaging and pricing recommendations and identified herpes patients' information needs for a previously RX herpes medication.
  • Developed communications strategies for advertising and educational outreach to urban asthma sufferers.
  • Developed new product treatment concepts among xerostomia sufferers for an international oral health care company.
  • Uncovered consumer attitudes and recommended marketing strategies to overcome barriers among parents to participating in an electronic immunization registry for children.

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