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"We chose Qualitative Market Research: A Comprehensive Guide as the supplemental text for the Master Moderator Certificate Program at RIVA because of its:
  • Broad perspective on qualitative research as used in the marketing industry;
  • Resource capabilities with its detailed Table of Contents and excellent Index;
  • Balanced approach and offering multiple views and practices"
  • - H .Grace Fuller, Executive Director,
    RIVA Training Institute

    - Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.
    Book Review, Journal of Advertising Research

    - Joseph Rydholm, Editor
    Quirk's Market Research Review

    Focus Groups
    Qualitative Research, General
    Theoretical Perspectives on Qualitative Research
    Automated Qualitative Analysis Software and Guides
    Marketing Research, General
    Case Studies and Monographs
    Special Skills and Techniques
    Marketing and Strategic Planning and Monographs


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