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"Mariampolski's text offers useful background and practical guidance on conducting ethnographic fieldwork in an easy-to-read and enjoyable style & I found the discussion of ethnographers working with clients in a team format to be particularly valuable."
- Maryann McCabe, Ph.D.
Book Review, QRCA Views magazine

"I've been waiting for this book - a practical how-to guide to conducting ethnographic studies for practitioners and clients; studies that will yield useful consumer insights that can impact marketing practice."
- Ellen Day, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing,
Terry College of Business,
University of Georgia

"Ethnography for Marketers does an excellent job of capturing the academic aspects of ethnography but does so from a practical, useful point of view. Author Mariampolski's expertise in the field is clearly communicated through the vast, in-depth coverage of the various aspects of ethnography for the purposes of marketing research."
- Cara Lee Okleshen Peters, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Winthrop University

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